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GA1 : Disarmament and International Security

The General Assembly is the largest forum of debate within the United Nations. Each recognized Member State has one representative with one vote in this committee. Seating in the committee is organized by geographic region, allowing debate to occur at both the regional and global level. In this large committee delegates of Rotaract Global MUN will primarily discuss issues pertaining to disarmament and international security and the political structure of nations. The committee debates often focus on nuclear weapons, regulation and territorial disputes, while the resolutions work to implement programs to more effectively enforce regulation. The ultimate goals of this committee are to ensure the integrity of the world’s political systems and processes and simultaneously tackle the growing threats to security and safety faced by the citizens of all nations.

United Nations Security Council

It is the executive arm of the General Assembly and one of the most exclusive committees of the United Nations. The Security Council settles pressing issues related to international defence and security. This committee is unique because five States, U.S.A., U.K., Russia, France, and China, have the power to single-handedly reject any resolution with a veto. Therefore, for a resolution to pass, it must be accepted by all five of these States and a majority of the committee. The other seats of the Security Council rotate every three years and are filled by countries that are chosen by the General Assembly.

United Nations Environmental Programme

This committee explores issues pertaining to the world’s ecosystem and related technological subjects. Of particular concern to this committee are issues related to sustainable development – those that can foster a more prosperous world while minimizing damage and harm to the planet. At Rotaract Global MUN, this body will debate problems related to energy, nuclear alternative sources, global accountability for industrialized nations, and the modern-day technological and infrastructure improvement of developing countries, and the consequences of tackling these and related challenges.

Economic and Social Council

The ECOSOC serves as the central forum for discussing international economic and social issues, and for formulating policy recommendations addressed to Member States and the United Nations system. At Rotaract Global MUN, ECOSOC is a mid-sized committee that offers a middle ground between the intimate, intense settings of the smaller committees and the diverse, dynamic nature of larger committees. Delegates will challenge each other to think deeply about resolving not only global concerns but also individual nations’ roles in an increasingly nuclear-tensed world.